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What is an Unforgettable Photography Family Experience?

Simply put; it is gathering you and your family, and doing whatever it is that you want to do, in front of our cameras. An Unforgettable Photography Family Experience is a photography session how you dream and desire it.

If you have a milestone coming up, and an emotional pull to have it professionally captured, on more than just your cell phone, this is who you want taking the photos. We are your photographers who will bring these moments to life on your walls!

Every family who invests their memories with us, can stand in every room of their home and see their favorite moments splashed everywhere, on every wall. Their memories don’t hide in their phones.

Family Photography Experiences and Sessions that are Unforgettable

Capturing Every Memory; Every Milestone; Every Family.

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Maternity Session

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Newborn Packages

Newborn baby girl wearing a pink tulle skirt and little head band while gently resting in her mothers arms. The focus in on the tiny little toes in mom's hand.

Senior Graduate Experiences

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Family Photography Session

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We have families with unforgettable experiences too.

Owner of Mommy And Me Studio Says:

“I know how important family moments are. Cell phones are great, but do they really capture Unforgettable Photography Family Experiences for your walls at home?”

“My husband and children love seeing all of our professional photographs splashed everywhere in our home. Every experience and memory is priceless. I know your family will love seeing all of their milestones on your wall too!”

– Crystal Horton. Owner, CEO, & Photographer.

Every client is our model.

Model Search 2023

You don’t have to walk the runway to consider being one of our models. Families who have some big milestones can be on the lookout for some breathtaking session and packages opportunities with us. We hope you will become part of our portfolios, stories, and unforgettable moments.

Maternity Session

You can take photos of a pregnant mother and sometimes the father before the baby is born. There are two good times to schedule these photos. One is around the 4 month mark when the mother still looks and feels like herself. The other is after the 7th month mark when the stomach is bigger and more noticeable.

Newborn Session

This particular photo shoot is usually done when the baby is under 5 weeks old because they are still very small and easy to pose.

Senior Session

This type of event usually happens when a student is in their last year of high school. However, it’s also an option for those who were homeschooled or graduated from college.

Family Session

This can be for anytime with any family, like taking yearly photos, sending holiday cards, or celebrating important family moments.

What if you aren’t sure what kind of experience you want?

Not a problem whatsoever. Sometimes, our families know they want something, but aren’t sure how to describe it, or how it can even be possible. Every family who has and still use us, appreciate the time that we put into getting to know you and what you want to get out of your milestone. We weren’t born with one mouth and two ears for nothing! We will help you get the photographs you want.

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