About Mommy And Me Studio

What wasn’t even a thought, became a reality.

Originally photographer Crystal Horton fell in love with capturing the exciting events of wedding photography. Anyone who has been part of a wedding or attended a wedding knows that there are so many gears and cogs that at a moments notice the wedding changes.

After a short time, Crystal and her husband, Jacob, decided that they would add a couple “mini me’s” and so at the start of 2018, Crystal began to realize that babies were little miracles. It wasn’t until after her son was born that she realized that she wanted to use her camera to capture more than just the spark of love at Engagement Sessions and Wedding Celebrations. She knew that babies were much more breathtaking. Seeing the tiny hands and toes or hearing their little coo’s as they slept. These little tiny humans were not going to stay tiny for long.

Many of her friends were not far behind with the duplication process, so she had plenty of mom’s to talk with and sure enough, Mommy And Me Studio was birthed!

What the Future Holds.

It is no surprise that children grow up incredibly fast. So Mommy And Me Studio must grow as well. It is the goal of Crystal Horton, to constantly be there for her mother’s and father’s. Through Newborns and Adoptions. She desires to help capture the emotionally priceless memories that will disappear in the blink of an eye.

As part of her future plan, Crystal Horton hopes to build her photography team to help freeze time for all families who hold those moments dear. She also is working on becoming one of the “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” photographers who helps to emotionally support mothers of still born or terminally ill newborns.

Mommy And Me Studio

1729 Red Clover Dr., Lebanon, Ohio 45036 



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Passionately Photographing Newborns, Seniors, and Families in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Ohio Tristate.