Newborn Referral Program

Referring us to family and friends, while getting something in return

"Word-of-Mouth" is the biggest compliment

Referring Mommy And Me Studio

“I’m going to be real with you for a moment. Did you know you’re a super power influencer? Your words carry more weight than you realize! So why not spread the word about your relaxing and wonderful photography experience with my photography studio? It means more to me and my team when I hear the words “So-and-So told me to meet with you for a possible photo session.” That tells us that you inspired your family and friends to jump on board and capture a memorable photography session with us. And because you’re such a beautiful person, I’ve got a surprise for you! A special Newborn referral program was designed with you in mind. So don’t hold back, shout it from the rooftops. Tell that sister, brother, aunt, uncle, neighbor or boss how much you love us!” – Crystal Horton

Our Newborn Referral Program changes occasionally so lets size it up with what commonly happens in our studio.

  • You capture one of the most memorable photography experiences you have ever had.
  • Shortly after your family and friends are over for a get together and everyone is bragging about your beautiful large family portrait.
  • Your neighbor has been really considering getting some captured, so she meets with us.
  • After speaking with us, she tells us she loved your photos and you boasted about the unforgettable experience you had with us. So she books us.
  • Once her session is captured, we send you a lovely little hand written Thank You card and your Referral Program gift. Included are the details of what you are getting for referring her and her family. 
  • Most of the time as a Thank You, we offer you a free 30min – 1 hour (60min) family photography session. But we have been known to we offer some print credits, holiday specials, or even a miscellaneous gift basket.

Common Questions for our Referral Program

What if I 'Just' got photographs captured and don't need another session right away?

The cool thing we love to boast about with our program is that your referral Thank You Gift, NEVER EXPIRES! You saw that right. If you got a session certificate and it got lost in your purse till you pulled it back out, you are still good!

Can I just cash in or exchange it for the value that you have listed online or in person?

Nope. However there is a reason for that. In our previous answer of No Expiration Date, that example means if our session rates go up from $99 to $150, you will still owe nothing for that session.

Can I give my Thank You referral gift to someone else?

Yes you can, but you will need to tell us directly over the phone that you are giving your referral program gift to someone else. Obviously we don’t want someone using your session or credits without your permission and we don’t want to give.

The only caveat is that it can not be bundled with other free items. Example: your neighbor gives you free print credits, and you have a free session. You can not take their credits and spend it with your free session.

Unforgettable Photography Experiences and Sessions

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Reach out to us.

If you have any questions what so ever about our Newborn Referral Program, or referring any of our photography experiences to family and friends, please feel free to contact us on our form here.

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