Unforgettable Newborn Photography


One of life’s most tiny and precious miracles should be photographed and remembered.

Like other parents, you are on the journey of introducing a baby to your family, and you want to have an unforgettable newborn photography experience. You desire to see those tiny memories on your walls. You know these moments of baby staying small, is for a brief moment. The experience of a newborn photography session is not only one of our favorites, but you will love being able to watch the little one grow at each session. Future parents, like you that want to relive this miracle every day, and will easily see the value of our Newborn, 3 month, 1 year, cake smash, birthday, communion, or any other milestones that are important to you is.

Maternity Session Experience

Starting at $99 Session Rate

Emotions have been up and down for you. Excitement, nerves, and unexplainable tears rush through you. Whether you are newly pregnant or approved for adoption, you get to experiences one of life’s most breath taking and unforgettable adventures. Couples and families know there is no better way to start your family journey than with a maternity session.

Families who look to experience this sessions typically captured these after adoption papers are approved, or during the pregnancy stages of 5 month through 8 months.

What Your Maternity Photography Experience Includes:

  • A pre-session consultation to discuss what ides or what experience you need from your experience. We will talk about your excitements, any concerns, and what you plan to do with your collection of moments.
  • Your maternity experience can be selected separately, as it’s own session, or may be added to any of the experiential photography sessions below, at a special rate.
  • Most couples/families find that 1 hour is just the right amount of time, and these may be capture indoor or outdoor.
  • At your post-session art experience, you will see all of the images we captured. You are presented with a multimedia presentation and see all of our print options like announcement, wall art, and canvasses. 

Newborn Experience

Starting at $99 Session Rate

Babies are a gift. Tiny precious gifts that give you butterflies and get your heart racing when you imagine all of the milestones you get to enjoy with them. You will get this new uncontrollable urge to watch your baby. You know baby will quickly grow into a toddler, and before your eyes, be a teenager. If you don’t capture these moments they will be gone. Most couples and families are overjoyed and can’t wait to see these on their walls.

Families who plan out newborn photography experiences should book these as soon as they are able. These must be captured Before baby is 6 weeks old.

What Your Newborn Photography Experience Includes:

  • A pre-session consultation to not only boast about your adoption success or pregnancy glow, but to also prep you for the the wonderfully relaxing and smooth experience you will have at your newborn photography session.
  • Babies control the 1-1.5 hour photography experience. Typically baby is in front of the camera for a total of 30min, but we allotted time so that if baby gets hungry, fussy or messy, there is no rush. We are all on baby’s schedule.
  • You receive a personalized, post-session, art experience. You will be the first to watch all the photographic moments captured with a multimedia presentation. Most couples laugh, cry, and are tickled at this appointment. Don’t worry, about remember which sizes you will need on your walls now we can help you design the perfect wall art collection after the presentation.
  • A Maternity Session Experience may be included at a special rate.

Baby’s Milestone Experience

Starting at $99 Session Rate

Some parents are not sure if they want a newborn session, or they didn’t have the opportunity. But you know that you want what ever moment you can get caught on camera. Consider this Milestone Experience. Moms & Dads want to see at least one of baby’s milestones on their wall. They are typically a 3month, a 6month, or 1 year, and can be captured alone, with parents, or with siblings. Most parents who select this experience always remember the unforgettable steps baby took and want to see at one of baby’s moments on their wall.

Your Baby’s Milestone Experience Includes:

  • A pre-session consultation, to discuss this experiential package in it’s entirety. We will discuss what you desire from these three memories and what common fun things your baby will do at each photography session.
  • You and your baby will experience one of 3 photography sessions. A 3 month, a 6 month, or a 1 year.
  • Each session is approximately 30min-1 hour because we all know babies control the agenda of the session. They could be ready when you walk in the door and breeze through, or not warm up until 15minuets before you leave. (especially if you have other children)
  • You get to enjoy a post-session multimedia presentation. Couples/Families can’t wait to sit and see what was capture for their emotional keepsakes. And don’t worry, we will discuss what keepsakes you may want. (Most couples don’t know exactly what they need for their walls until they see what moments were captured.)
  • LIMITED TIME! Your baby’s milestone experience includes a trifold-folio printed keepsake with three moments we captured.
  • Also, if you have the opportunity to do so, we want to offer our Maternity Experience with this package at a special rate.

Grow with Me Experience

Starting at $250 Session Rate

If one precious newborn session, or milestone is not enough for someone like you, and you want the most unforgettable photographic experience, consider this Grow With Me Experience. Moms & Dads want to see baby grow, so this series will include 4 different photography sessions; the newborn, a 3month, a 6month, and a 1 year. Most parents who select this experience always remember the unforgettable steps baby took and want to see every milestone, consecutively on their wall. You understand that these custom photographs will flow and have a breath taking story told that can’t be found in any department store or craft store.

Since this experience includes a newborn session, that session must be captured before a child is 6 weeks old:

Your Grow With Me Experience Includes:

  • Pre-Session consultation, to discuss every aspect of this unforgettable package before your baby is in front of the camera. You tell us what you desire most from each milestone, what popular skills your baby will have developed before each session.
  • A newborn experience which must be captured before the child is 6 weeks of age.
  • 3 photography session experiences. A 3 month, a 6 month, and a 1 year.
  • Each session will be 30min-1 hour in length because as mentioned, babies control the entire session. Babies could be ready the moment you arrive or take a little warming up.
  • Each session will be given it’s own post session art experience where you smile and cry at almost every image of your baby.
  • Includes a framed art work of 3 images from any of the 4 experiences we captured.
  • You may include a Maternity session at a special rate

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