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An unforgettable newborn baby girl sleeping in her mothers hands.
An unforgettable senior photography session in Dayton Ohio near graffiti wall art in the fall.
A family celebrates unforgettable moments with a photography session at a local park in Dayton Ohio

All of your Unforgettable Photography Sessions can be found here at Mommy And Me Studio. Discover our Newborn, Maternity, Graduate, and Family Photography options. You photographic sessions are limitless!

Newborn & Maternity Photography Experience

Maternity and Newborn Photography sessions and usually the very first moments captured for a family. The maternity photographs can be while baby is still in Utero, or if you are adopting, a small intimate session with documents, and ultrasounds. Then a newborn session is one where a baby is born and babies details are captured before baby becomes 6 weeks old.

Graduate Photography Experience

Commonly known as, but not limited to being, “Senior Graduate Photographs”. This is a session dedicated to spotlighting a person graduating, who deserves to feel success, and they want to share their milestone with their friends and family. This is also great for anyone graduating from any college, institution, or an internship, at any age. Even homeschooled or self-taught students can enjoy a Graduate Photography Session!

Family Photography Experience

Families can grow up very quickly. Popular family sessions can include member from any branch of your family. Grandparents and their Grandkids. A Family reunion with a photographer for one hour. Even a married couple who were blessed with supporting fur babies will enjoy these photography sessions. And obviously, don’t forget, these are great for a large family photo update, but also those holiday cards. Get Thank You cards, Christmas cards, Hanukah cards, even Just Saying Hi cards.

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